About Us

Belize Vibes is an Inspirational Lifestyle Brand

You can travel to Belize for your Belizean T-shirt, but we prefer to get ours from Belize Vibes.

Belize Vibes started out in 2015 with a single T-shirt design: our beloved Belize Lifeline. After many years and through various iterations The Belize Lifeline remains our best selling design, and a testament to minimalism and simplicity.

      • Whether you are in Belize or abroad, we are here for you.
      • In recent years we have grown our collections quite a bit.
      • Today Belize Vibes offers a wide range of collections including: Menswear, Womenswear, Loungewear, Swimwear, Footwear, Houseware, Accessories and Wall Art.
      • Our focus is on quality and attention to detail. 
      • We recently added personalised art work to our collection and this quickly became a popular choice for gifts.
      • Our designs are authentic and reflect our mantra: Do More Of What Makes You Happy.
      • Belize Vibes is proud to be one of the fastest growing Inspirational Lifestyle brands.